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Aviemore Classic, Lake Aviemore


Aviemore Classic, Lake Aviemore


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Richmond Yacht Club

Grant and I have been walking the docs on race day looking for a ride and what we've found is a whole heap of good people who are willing to take us on board for the day.

As a result we've decided after many boat rides, conversations and the occasional rum that the guys and gals who race with Richmond are a load of Good Buggers.

As such we're doing what we can and we're sponsoring the Richmond Yacht club winter series. I'm hoping to get to know a whole more of the members if not on their boat up the club at the after match functions.

Look for the Flags, we'll be flying them.

Lidgard Sails, Good Buggers, Great Sails!!

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Leading Edge Sail Design.

By combining leading design experience with our own Sail Science sailmaker 3D design software, innovative engineering and materials technology.

Lidgard Sails Limited design and manufacture successful sails, fast sails, durable sails, and innovative sails for all sailing boat and yacht categories including superyachts, maxi yachts, America's Cup and Volvo campaigns, club racers, cruising yachts, cruiser-racing yachts, multihull boats, catamarans, trimarans, sailing cruise ships, race dinghies and sailing dinghies.

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Cutting Edge Materials.

XCEL sail laminates are stronger, hold their shape better, with much less stretch and are significantly lighter than conventional panel sails.

XCEL's advanced fibre-aligned sails make load-path technology available for all sized boats, combining leading design experience with our own Sail Science sailmaker 3D design software, innovative engineering and materials technology, XCEL sail laminates are individually designed and manufactured for your boat and conditions.

XCEL combines Lidgard's long standing design expertise with innovative fibre- aligned and lamination technology. Specialized design and manufacture deliver unsurpassed shape retention and performance throughout the most demanding racing or cruising conditions.

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Good Buggers, Great Sails.

Whatever the boat and wherever you are in the world, you and your sails will receive the same individual attention from a Lidgard Sailmaker.

Through our international network of sail lofts the Lidgard Sails group manufacture the best sails in the world using state-of-the-art computerised sail design and sail production software.

In consultation with your yacht designer or naval architect, Lidgards ensure that everything relating to your sail is considered including your mast, boom, spreaders and I, J, E and P measurements. Committed to quality, service at an affordable price.

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